I am a French women living in La Baule in France and would like to share my work to the world. My selling shop is new and only few items are in it at the moment. This website will be fully operational on 12th July with new paintings for sale. 

Most of my work is on sale, so if one of my artwork interest you, please let me know.   i have been painting on and off as a hobby in the last 10 years and think it’s high time i spread my creation outside myself. I can sell the originals or make HD files to download in the shop.

Please feel free to make any suggestion to improve this new website or any information you would like on my older paintings. It’s not in a chronological ordre…. So my non stop evolving paintings are Indeed mixed.




Patricia Moreau born November 9, 1966 in Paris, currently lives in La Baule in France.
Her paintings are at her image image, sometimes with soft colors sometimes acidulous, round with welcoming shapes.  Her perception of the world pushes her to project herself into her paintings in order to forget the canvas and to see only volumes. She calls her paintings sculptures on canvas. When the eyes of her portraits come to life, it becomes a magical moment for her. The human soul is also present in the detours of its deserted  alley, another theme dear to her heart

Patricia Moreau née le 9 novembre 1966 à Paris, vit actuellement sur La Baule en Loire Atlantique.
Ses peintures sont à son image, tantôt aux couleurs douces tantôt acidulées, aux formes rondes et accueillantes.  Sa perception du monde la pousse à se projeter dans ses tableaux pour en oublier le support et ne plus y voir que des volumes. Elle appelle ses peintures des sculptures sur toile. Quand les yeux de ses portraits prennent vie, cela devient pour elle un moment magique. L’âme humaine est également existante aux détours de ses ruelles provençales désertes, autre thématique chère à son coeur.