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 Are you interested in developing your clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience? 

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  • You have the gut feeling that you are not alone and that some angels or higher beings are protecting you? 
  • You are 100 % sure that there is more than what your eyes could see? 

  • You had some rare contacts without you inducing them and you want to establish a real personal relationship with your inner guide?

Please, don’t do like me, waiting that it will develop by itself without making any effort or commitment. It won’t happen.The decision has to come within you… deep in your guts.  

 From my experience, I know that I have unconsciously blocked my inner power through bad life experiences, crossing the “dark night of the soul”, and once in a while,  tried to send  huge cries towards my angels begging for help.  I was so deep in own turmoil, ful of pain and sorrow, there was no way I could hear them or see a sign..  no way….  no force was left in me, only the will to let go and give up. 

That is the past now.  I do not want it to happen ever again.  I should have follow the signs before my falls… and the signs were there, right at the beginning.  But I choose not to recognise them. Well, I should have.  Lots of years of pain could have been avoided if I had just paid more attention to the signs…

Apparently our angels know more and see more than what we can see.


There is a possibility to develop a real relationship with your guides, be able to hear, feel them in real life. 

How ? By following the twenty lessons for FREE on youtube of Liah HOWARD.


Liah HOWARD is the real one.  She knows what she is talking about and provide excellent quality material for free.  The lessons are complete, clear and very instructive.  Listening is just the beginning of your journey.  The rest will be commitment and practice pratice practice.  

Are you ready for a change ? Are you ready to stop making the wrong choice ?  Are you motivated enough to follow the 20 lessons, 20 weeks training and practice ? Go for it ! You can do it !:



I have started listening to my inner voice twelve years ago…. like a little chatter to myself. It all started like :

  • Hum, what should I do with my life ?
    Then out of nowhere, I heard
  • Paint
  • Paint ? but I know nothing about painting. I tried to paint years ago and I did not feel the connection.
  • Paint and you will see.
  • So the next day I bought a canvas and started to paint a picture of myself sleeping. I am not good at drawing, but managed somehow to do a shape of myself, put some contrast. Suddenly, out of nowhere, my eyes stopped focussing on my brushes and canvas but beyond, in the space…. and I could see my painting taking some 3D shape. I knew instantively what to do to make my painting alive, how to correct the shade and colors and make it real in another dimension. When it was finished, I thought to myself. “What did it just happen?” . I was really happy with the result. Did not really know where all this came from, but the result was there.
  • Then my rational mind said : “no… You like your painting because you did it. There is nothing special about it. You should try to paint something else and you will see I am right”.So I went in a nearby café and told a friend about my story. He said to me : “My mother loves Beethoven. You should do a painting of Beethoven and maybe she will buy it”. “Beethoven, are you kidding ? it’s hard. ” But I took the challenge and started copying a painting of a portrait of Beethoven.” Soon I could see the shape of Beethoven become real on the other side of the canvas. I did not need the original painting anymore. I was creating my own version of Beethoven… Something magical happened. At one time I was not alone anymore. Beethoven’s eyes were watching me. His face was alive but somehow I could not fixed his expression. So I tried to fix an image in my mind and tried to keep it but it kept moving. In this painting, I probably have 20 different expressions of Beethoven layered underneath. It took me months and I never managed to fixed the expression. I wanted to make it better and better and only managed to paraphrase a different version of Beethoven. So that is it. I can’t do more.
    I remember at one stage of the process, I did not make the right eye right. It did not fit well in my 3D vision, and kept redoing it to no avail. Then I asked myself : “What should I do to make it right ?” Then the thought came : “You focus on the wrong. Stop focussing on the wrong and the good will appear. So put your attention in the rest of Beethoven’s face and you will know”. It worked !!! By not looking at the defect eyes anymore, it appeared perfectly clear and I knew instinctively what to do.] 
    G van BEETHOVEN by Joseph Willibrord Mahler


  • My Beethoven painting was a kind of study painting. I have spent so much time in it, at least 6 months and countless hours, trying to test, see, explore, do different expressions, that there was no way I could sell it anymore. I was attached deeply to it, an invisible connection that make it part of myself. 
  • I was somehow pleased with the result, so I took it to the Café in order to show it to my friend. When I arrived I put the painting on the floor standing against a wall. A dog passed by and started barking like crazy at my painting. This actually filled my heart with joy as I thought to myself. “Hum, I am not the only one seeing he’s alive behind the canvas”….

    More stories to come